Alina Pleskova

Alina Pleskova lives in Philly & strives to maintain optimum chill. She is coeditor of bedfellows, a literary magazine focused on narratives of sex/desire/intimacy, & cohost of Poetry Jawns, a podcast. Recent work can be found in littletellQueen Mob’s Tea House, and By the Slice, an anthology published by Spooky Girlfriend Press. Her internet double is here.




Jack, I found the blistered tip
of summer

swinging over the peninsula’s edge,
stoned rusalka run ashore in

Little Odessa w/ pastel wig
slanted, petrified in lip gloss

viewed from above, this place springs
a leak in my limbic system:

waiting for parents & their friends to
shop for discount furs

upsurge in adolescent perversions & the black box
glowing w/ bad channels just loud enough

knees in the carpet, figuring out how to make
myself shake & shake

in a way no visitor could replicate
or even mimic

but I kept a list

asterisks next to those
who came closest


I’m talking out my want,

& I’m trying

to remember which
where I’m in now

hang back in a mother tongue haze
shaping Cyrillic aloud

I just want to say аптека
say русский кассеты

say останься со мной
but that’s later


We’ve been never since the start
& what to do with it now

I don’t know if a poem could
go on forever, Jack, as you say

but Kim just wrote on Twitter
What else do we ruin our lives for

& Alice Notley wrote,
I’ll fuck up your life your cute life

& Masha Tupitsyn wrote, on Alice Notley,
Why shouldn’t you not know what hit you?

I thought it’d be more years of
men repeating my jokes  but louder

instead I just swallowed
something electric

what I mean is how doomed are we
who despite our intelligence

believe in retrograde panic &
the redemptive properties

of shoegaze
raspberry kush
ceiling fans

blue moon magic
the pull-out method

a trap street in England called Lye Close

it all might be real

if no feeling’s final
I’ll pick a point to steady myself

call it horizon or
the simulacrum I

hold fast anyway & see for how long
Jack, if you keep me talking

one day, I’ll tell you what
I’m really thinking about

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