Anna Binkovitz

Anna Binkovitz is a performance poet based out of Minneapolis. An honors graduate from Macalester College, her work has been featured in voicemail poems, Drunk in a Midnight Choir, Words Dance, and elsewhere. Anna can be found writing around the Twin Cities, arguing with her dog, Franklin, or dancing badly while cleaning her kitchen.


Prayer to be a Sinister Woman


ppbad omen, i walk

always as if across a grave


a mirror, i dare the ghosts

to break me.


look.   it isn’t the house      that is haunted.


ppppptime stopped   here.

ppthough it clings      moss on my      cracked  stone.


a tree split      my lip into a smile

ppstorm,      i knock it  into     your yard


what power,   to         curse

you without touching    ever




the slick ice carpet      my hair

pppmoves like a cold wind     across


your whole      tender     cheek.


ppppit is not that i want to break

anyone        but to know     i  can   i can


and for you    to know

pppppppppppppppppit too.

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