Azia Archer-DuPont

Azia Archer-DuPont is a writer and maker living in Minnesota. Her first chapbook, ATOMS & EVERS will be released in Summer 2017 by Dancing Girl Press. She is the founding editor & editor-in-chief of Dirty Chai Magazine and owner/publisher at Tiny Flames Press. You can find her online at or via Twitter @aziadupont

This is a Beginning


Closed my eyes for five minutes

and the last five hundred billion years

flashed before my eyes.

It was you before Jesus.

you before Moses,



All I could see was Adam.

You were Adam

and the only word you knew

was ‘atom’

and you’d mouth it

with a closed fist to your chest—




with the galaxies for eyes,

an infinite pulsating heart

straight to God,

There you were with that

closed fist telling the world

how much you loved it.

There you were

fetal-positioned floating

in the outer space womb,

this first creation.

We began here,


as tiny atoms

on a cosmic journey north.

We began here,

as atoms,

and it took

five million Adam’s

to come after you

to get back to you.



New Dreams


I’ve managed to sleep at night

now that I know

I’ll find you there. Last night

you wrapped your arms of golden

clouds around me, whispered

Remember me tomorrow

and I woke with your atoms

on my lips, atoms sparkling,

dancing across my eyelashes—

couldn’t blink without seeing you.

I’ve spent a long time

trying to forget you. But

now that you’re there,

these dreams are all

I ever want to see.


I remember you.

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