Beth Anne Cooke-Cornell

Beth Anne Cooke-Cornell is an Associate Professor of Humanities at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston where she teaches The American Dream, The History of Sex and Gender in America, and Standup Comedy in American History and Culture.  A part-time poet, her most recent work can be read in Drunk Monkeys. She lives in Salem, Massachusetts with her husband and three children.




in the closed mouth

in the unmade bed

in the deadened engine

and the burnt lawn


in the broken sunlight

of a door frame

illuminating the first

inevitable blows


before the windows open

again to hot gasoline

and coal grills and it’s all

so unexpectedly quiet


until like an invitation

the basement stair flashes

its copper teeth

opens its jaws wide


so you don’t hit your head

sinking into the mold

and the soap

and the septic


and you wonder then

because you’ve looked

where he’d been hiding

the gun all this time.

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