Bruce Wayne Banksy

i am Bruce Wayne Banksy

so is she

so is he

so are We

we are the Art trapped inside a frame

that is only freed by being outside the box

we are the Message that is bigger than ourselves

we know that time is blood money

and now that we know the cost

when we see you in the mirror

we look you in the eye

and we tell you

We are free






You see my blood Blue n Red like them Stars and Stripes
By the dawn’s early light if we survive the night
Too many Stars get mangled in this perilous fight
But still so proudly we hail when them stars ignite
Come on lift every voice and sing
till every ghetto rings
Ring with the harmonies
of every heart that beats
Just let your voices rise
higher than satellites
Let it resound
louder than guns bang now


What we facin?
Boys n da Hood – Beasts of no Nation
Shoot like news crews on location
In they headphones this music playin’ cuz
I am change
I am danger
I am tangled
in a Star Spangled
Spitting bars like a lost language
Ghost ridin with a skull flaming
Both my hands around the throat of evil
And I’m squeezin’ till hands are bleedin’
They might hear it but they don’t heed it
Fightin’ fo’ everything but freedom
Sometimes thinkin’ that they might want it but
They don’t know that everyday they need it
So now they mad at me
Cuz reality
Scratched the record with a dirty needle
You ain’t hard cuz they see right through you
You ain’t finding these answers on Google
Not on Gram, or SC, or FB, or Wiki
Cant tweet these
So O.D. on BuzzFeed and TMZ
And while you sleep
The revolution’s commercial-free on NBC

Now when in the course of human events
Not every truth is self evident
What if the poor 98 percent
took back all the money from the 2 percent?
In God we trust
Blood money runs the world with a government seal tatt
Outta many comes one
Still niggas die by the gun
So the kids gotta live that
Anybody ever hear the golden rule?
Anybody ever see my golden Mule?
Finally got my 40-Acre deed,
Let’s roll it and smoke it in my room
If your skin is brown
you face down up on that ground
Little girls were college bound
but now that’s the hunting ground
Now here comes the Big Pharma guys
Government let’s em advertise
Plus your doctors incentivized
So your prescription is super-sized
Now your addiction’s got addictions
A thousand words can’t buy this picture
Cuz these fuckers never listen
Anonymous just hacks the system

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