C.T. McGaha

C.T. McGaha is a writer from Charlotte, NC. He founded and co-edits Vanilla Sex Magazine. His work has been featured in Juked, Word Riot, Potluck Magazine, and 90s Meg Ryan, among others. He watches too much television. In a perfect world, Broad City would be a live performance performed during all of the waking and sleeping hours, and he would be able to witness this. Follow him on Twitter @ctmcgaha.

alpha and omega


life is meaningless.


death is hard.




i still don’t have

that seinfeld boxed

vhs collection that

i wanted for xmas

in 1998.


thanks for nothing, mom & dad.



south park mall on a sunday in october


i am tired.


not in the way

where you’ll see

a coworker and say

pppppp“ah, rough night?”

pppppppppppand then wink.


i am tired.


in the way that

this life, like most

things, is completely

not what i was taught

it would be. and so now

i’m wandering around a mall

trying to find a shirt to replace

the other shirt i had that looked

exactly like it, but that shirt got a

stain on it from eating salsa in bed.

and that was the last kind of shirt i had

that looked like that shirt (there were 3 of

them originally, i bought as a set). and this

mall is maybe 74 degrees, which isn’t warm

by any means, but is certainly not cold, so the

sweater i’ve worn to combat the drop in fall temp-

eratures is now making me sweat. and now that i’m

sweating, you can see that my hair is thinning. and the

bags under my eyes are beginning to bloat. and the weight

that i put on from keegan’s wedding last weekend will probably

never be lost, and it’ll just stay on me as a layer of fish tacos and

wedding cake and mint juleps and chex mix from the drive home.

and my shoe, which has a hole in it, which i’ve tried to hide well, has

decided that it wants to flap around while i’m pawing around this macy’s

looking for one single goddamn light blue oxford in my size so that i can go

to work tomorrow, and see my coworker and he’ll ask if i had a rough night and


i am tired.

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