Carla Drysdale

Carla Drysdale’s first full-length collection of poems, Little Venus, was published in 2009 by Tightrope Books in Toronto. Her first chapbook of poems, Inheritance, from Finishing Line Press came out in 2016. Her poems have appeared in such publications as PRISM, LIT, the Literary Review of Canada, Canadian Literature, The Fiddlehead, Global City Review and Literary Mama. In 2014 she was awarded PRISM’s Earle Birney poetry prize. Born in London, Ontario, she lives with her husband and two sons in Ornex, France.




The black openings

through which

the lovers view

the blue world

have become silt notes

trembling above the bed,

seeing what they cannot

below the window,

where a dozen tongues

swing in their metal cups,

ring through evening air—

follow the herder’s

call, her French lilt

bending low then tall,

over larkspur-meadowed alp.

This music old

and woven as days,

as white threads

sewn as Edelweiss

into leather bands

for cow bells.

In the bright hem of bliss

she sees the sweep

of him coming—from child

to man. Her blink

pounds through the blood

of his whole body.



Ombres Chinoises


Cutout figure

on a stick he

roams over her

childscape, hands

supplicating, he jaggeds

across to the princess

Pleads for black

bands to blot out

certain phrases

Fangs hang

chopping from

his top mandible

Her dress flares

a bell ringing above

skinny ankles

Ringlets chime

make her loud

Pang inside

pulls her to embrace

shoulders his

shaking as curtains close

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