Chloe N Clark

Chloe N Clark‘s work appears in Bombay Gin, Drunken Boat, Hobart, and more. She teaches college composition, explores multimodal communication, and is a baker in her free time. She can be found on Twitter @PintsNCupcakes



Missing Girls, Continued


My best friend swallows needles

while we sit beside one another

in the dark, watching static


flicker on the television. She says

do you remember:


that boy in grade school who let

go of the merry-go-round? Someone

found his tooth embedded in concrete

days later. I say isn’t it miraculous


we all survived childhood? She turns

to me and I see through her emptied

out eyes, all the way to the back


of her skull. Where does she store

her memories now, I wonder. And she

asks me if I think about when her parents


called me late at night and asked if I knew

where she was. I want to say: there is nothing

else that I think about more. But that’s not


true. I often have the same dream, many

nights in a row, and in it we are staring

up at the night sky: counting all the shooting

stars that ice their way across the blue


but we forget to make wishes, too busy

thinking of how the stars must have

names, we just don’t know how

to say them.

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