CL Young

CL Young lives in Colorado where she is an MFA candidate at Colorado State University. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in the PEN Poetry Series, Pinwheel, The Scofield, The Volta, and elsewhere. She is the author of a chapbook called Overhead Projector (H_NGM_N Books) and is from Boise, Idaho





the leaves in the water want an island

in the water not underfoot but near

the tree hole in the root dry and dead

that kind of medicine

blue bird or a mocking bird peck bird

in the tree daddy killed me a pheasant bird

red his hands peat rot and paper

call between tells hum of animal

from hum of machine he did not have a dog

fetched that bird up all himself

his skin so dug into                    the record

the reason I could not read was I wanted to die

then the reason I could not read was everyone died

then the reason I cannot read is I’m here

and no longer wishing

walked the day through

saw blood pour from the pheasant’s neck

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