Derek JG Williams

Derek JG Williams puts words into rows both long and short. He’s a 2016 Blacksmith House Emerging Writer. His poems are published or forthcoming in PleiadesBest New PoetsVinylForklift OhioSalamanderPrairie Schooner, and New Ohio Review, among others. This fall Derek will begin his PhD in English, Creative Writing at Ohio University. Learn more about him at


Blood Flew Out Like a Wing


The resounding of hooves


ppppppounding fills the palace


halls. The minotaur clambers


ppppptoward the woman’s chambers,


lurching around corners—


pppppconjured golem, nightmare king.


She dreams it closer. Mares


pppppbuck their reins, white slivers


in their eyes rolling wild


pppppwith fear. Looming, the minotaur


tests its horns, hissing sour


pppppbreath. His mouth a slit, he mounts


the sleeping woman. A monster’s


ppppphead rests on the shoulders


of every man who wants


pppppto kill the worst in himself.


Theseus slays the minotaur


ppppp—he hasn’t the will for suicide.


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