deziree a. brown

deziree a. brown is a black queer woman poet, scholar, activist and self-proclaimed “social justice warrior” from Flint, MI. They are currently a MFA candidate at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, MI, and often claim to have been born with a poem written across their chest. Their work has been recently published in the anthology Best “New” African Poets 2015, Duende, Crab Fat Magazine, and Razor.




etymology of aria.


musicppppppp rumbling
from the lion’s mouth
iridescent orchidspppppblooming
from the whale’s underbelly
this habitppppof ending up
in the center
of history


Hathor’s legs of splintered
glassppwhispered breath
to silence the flameppppelven bridge
danglingppforgotten islands
to drownpppppdeep
in your blanket
of suns


wild phoenixppppppppSandy
ripping blood sins from wet
earthppppppppto be pressed
weppppppppppneed to free them
a myopicpppppanswer to this question
I neverppppppasked for
someone has toppppfree us



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