Dorsey Craft

Dorsey Craft holds an MFA from McNeese State University, where she won the Joy Scantlebury Award for her poetry. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Notre Dame Review, Ninth Letter, Crab Orchard Review, the minnesota review, CALYX, Vinyl and elsewhere. She is currently a Ph.D student in poetry at Florida State.



On a Wedding Dress


white chosen from amongst whites

champagne ivory and eggshell

sequins lace and pearls

inside it may have boning

cups for breasts


it cinches in

it raises up

it bells and floats

its songs are sung a capella


it will be fitted to your body

its stitches torn out

and replaced, pulled tight

it will steal your breath

its weight—it will be heavy—

pressing down

on your ribcage

will sit you down

put your hands on your hips

an exhausted lineman

a sock pooling an ankle


it will require feeding and attention

a house cat with a snubbed nose

it will need to be preserved

where the air cannot reach it

with the correct chemical formulas

mysteriously by committee

like a pressed flower

like a pretty corpse


a wedding dress is expansive

a maximalist garment

it brushes the ground

absorbing like an envelope

luxurious and cream

and folding inside itself

all the things you step over—

the petals of a gardenia

dew on the grass—

it will swing away

ppppppand back again

like the cast of a net

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