Gary Logan Hobdy

Gary Logan Hobdy hales from the jerkwater town of Evansville, Indiana. He’s the head graphic artist and owner of Milksop Studio. His poetry can be found throughout the United States written on the back of artwork he’s created. He received his BS in Liberal Arts (Studio Art/Creative Writing) from the University of Southern Indiana. He’s been published by USI’s literary magazine, The


I’m the Space Invader



Concrete Angel(s)


My fingers will die and reincarnate. In a previous

life, they were pitchforks. Don’t question science

of handwork. They balance us when posture fails

to elaborate on days that try our patience.


Only by the sensible doldrums of mid morning,

can a baffling agreement of our skin learn how

to smile like a new kill; the fifteen thousand

mathematical problems scribbled into you,

looking through my words, embroidering hope

and sorrow as a simple conclusion like a drum

that beats when touched softly after punishment;

you stare through semi-forevers, your bundles

of reputation unraveled and sullen.


I see them too, govern my hands’ lost constellations,

our bodies separate from what seems to be a crime,

breakage from this transit to the next transit, in quiet,

sun-spilling over airplane windows. Still escaping us

in each line, tomorrow we kiss, tomorrow we vanish.



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