Gia Shakur

Gia Shakur is a writer, photographer and visual artist based in Harlem, New York. Her work has been featured in Sinister Wisdom (upcoming), Joint Literary Magazine, The Broadkill Review and A.R.T.S.Y. Magazine. Currently studying English and French Literature at Essex County College, she is a graduate fellow of The Watering Hole and Founder of Spider Rose and Black Inc.


After Here


There were so many of them

sterile maggots

huddled over



Wash your hands before the feast


Feast readied

in my body

ordained since middle pass(age)




Note: henceforth, all surgical paraphernalia

down to the gloves and goo

will be known as butcher-ware

I would know

I still feel like a split pig

a womb disturbed


on poor man’s insurance



‘95 Prophet

Harlem is a ghost

My mum told me in ‘95 the beasts would come

after the tenements burned down

both rivers seasoned with oil, shit and blood

posh baby sharks

pay peanut ransoms

for coon spooked tombs

now gentrified

In the morning

ghosts of Wisconsin, Vermont, Virginia

and Ronkoncoma billow from

the doors of relic

walk up

1 ghost

by my arm side

fastened a half glance from my neck

to my boots

and grabs her purse

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