Jam Pascual

Jam Pascual graduated from Ateneo De Manila University with a degree in Creative Writing. He currently works as an editor for Rogue magazine and a columnist for Young Star, the youth section of The Philippine Star. Has work either has been or will be published in Rambutan Literary and Paper Monster Press.



A Tributary Speaks to Narcissus


Moss falls away from the skin

of toppled trees and collects

at the bottoms of lakes. You can see

from the cliff face cross section

how high the water used to be.

There is the carrying down,

the carrying out, the visage

loaded to break before you

can even lower your head.

You spend enough time here,

whether you stand by the bank or row

through my hands—which I inherited

from the rain—and you learn

to recognize which birds are searching

for what by the tone of the ether.

That’s all you need. Nothing else,

not even the moment they come down

to skim the surface of the water.

How high the water used to be.

Do you expect eye contact?

There’s no time for that.

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