Jessica D. Thompson

Jessica D. Thompson’s poetry has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and is forthcoming in The Southern Review.  Her poems appear in small press journals across the country, including Appalachian Heritage, Atlanta Review, and The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review, in Circe’s Lament:  Anthology of Wild Women Poetry (Accents Publishing), Not Like the Rest of Us: An Anthology of Contemporary Indiana Writers (an Indiana Bicentennial Legacy Project), and New Poetry from the Midwest (New American Press).  She is the grateful recipient of the James Baker Hall Memorial Prize in Poetry (New Southerner, 2013) and the Kudzu Poetry Prize (Kudzu, 2014).  In 2013, Liquid Paper Press published her poetry chapbook, Bullets and Blank Bibles.




In dreams,

I reach for you.


The bed a still lake

where a blue


heron wades.



floods the hollow

room and I drown,


again and again,

in the swimming





The Blue Light of May


It’s not for me to say where hours

bleed.  Anemic days


filled with one hand-washed cup,

one plate.  Friends have stopped


dropping off made-from-scratch

chocolate cakes but our bedroom


still holds the hint of us

between the folds of satin


drapes.  No one told me

how long this sharp-edged road.


I know only one day I woke

and found a faint footpath.


I marvel at the slightest change.

At dawn, it was a host of robins



in the blue light of May.


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