Jonathan May

Jonathan May grew up in Zimbabwe as the child of missionaries; he lives and teaches in Memphis, TN, where he uses creative writing therapy to help people with eating disorders. His work has appeared in [PANK], Superstition Review, Plots With Guns, Shark Reef, Duende, One, and Rock & Sling. He translated the play Dreams by Günter Eich into English and recently was the inaugural Artist in Residence at the Brooks Museum of Art in Memphis in September 2016. Read more at


transformative experience


there is a hat from which the magic man

pulls out the rabbit—there is the heart

inside the rabbit he then dislodges

and bids me, crush it in my hand

and smear it into my face like slander


there is the heart of the magic man which—

ta-da! —vanishes the moment you see it

because it didn’t spring from the hole

of the hat—heartless, he glides my way

with a croon in his motion and an ocean


of love for me to swim in—he asks

if he can transform me into a dolphin

so I can find “my inner porpoise” and

then I realize only my father would

make a pun that lame and then I realize


I’m writing a poem about my father

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