Keng Kola

Keng is a self-published Cameroonian-American author of poetry and fiction. When she isn’t writing, she is reading fiction, prose, or poetry by other authors from around the world, playing video games, practicing her flute, or studying languages. She also independently studies various other subjects on free academic websites. She studied formally at Morgan State University, majoring in Finance. She believes one should never stop educating themselves or learning as much as possible about their interests in any way they can.



We giggled as we tried on


Made of glass and broken pottery

Beads clacking against each other

Holding one another’s


In our smiles and in our speech-

Then a wolf came

It bared rows and rows of jagged teeth covered in blood

And tissue

Ears sweeping at the moon

Body blocking the night sky

Breath hot and ripping through

The air as it growled.

We stood tall

And blue fire flashed under my skin

And metal whips shot from

Another woman’s fingertips

And another she

Catapulted over the wire caged


Took flight amidst gravity

And ripped at its throat.

Then the monsters came.

Lead to us by my lover

And I became…


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