Lina AlSharif

Lina AlSharif is a Palestinian blogger and a MA student of Creative Writing/Poetry at Lancaster University.



The Revenge of The Poem


You wrote a poem on a tissue

then you wiped the spilled coffee with it

then you brazenly threw it in the bin.

Worst of all,

you forgot about it.


You were in the middle of

a deep conversation with your poem

then you thought, “Let me send a text”,

you ditched the poem.

Worst of all,

you were ok with it.


You were reading a poem

you stopped while it was  unfinished

you interrupted it.

Worst of all,

you said,

“it’s not worth the paper it’s written on.”


Be aware,

The poem knows to avenge itself

that solace, shelter or even money

the poem can take it away.

It may punish you with verbosity, prolixity

or abandonment

or worse,

clichés and overused daffodils and clouds.


So do you think poems like to drink

your spilled coffee?




Can I use the F word in a poem?


For sure!

feeling like a failure

flailing a field full of chaff

facing the fan with a stack of paper

filling the boss’ pierced cup with cold coffee

fearing the debt hanging on your wall

will ask “how are you faring?”

friend-zoned by your love interest

fazed by far right, fat shaming, flat rents

finding the way out of this loophole

has no app, no map, no esc

fighting a lost battle

what’s not flunking in your life?

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