Madu Chisom Kingdavid

Madu Chisom Kingdavid writes and lives in ILE OGBO, Nigeria. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in numerous places, including, Praxis Magazine, Kalahari Review, Bombay Review, Expound, Indiana Voice Journal, WRR etc.


Terimata to the Mediterranean Sea


pppppppppppppppppFor ten days in Terimata, we dined

with penury in a shack, dodged bullets

between the Libyan government


pppppppppppppppppand the rebels on the roads. Sometimes

we would dream where we were in

Spain, Italy or Portugal


pppppppppppppppppPhoning our families we have made it.

We would wake from such sleep of fantasy –

but the thoughts of ferrying


pppppppppppppppppAcross Mediterranean sea would

impregnate us with chills.  That day, a Libyan

police smuggled us


pppppppppppppppppTo a lonely beach having beaten

some police checkpoints. Before us was

a mighty sea that seemed


pppppppppppppppppTo have an end covered by a blue

sky. So mysterious that it would grow

mountainous nipples


pppppppppppppppppWhen it leapt a thousand feet high

and somersaulted. The waves clashed

and thundered in fury that


pppppppppppppppppFear caged us in nature’s wonder.

Our smuggler bought a unseaworthy boat

with yahama engine.


pppppppppppppppppWhen the Sea had silenced, 150

of us settled onto it and began to sail.

Midway the waves became


pppppppppppppppppangry and started clashing and crashing,

the sailor broke into lamentations: “Water

is entering into the boat o!”


pppppppppppppppppWhen the boat started submitting

to the bottom, We wept in prayers, each

holding an empty keg – the


ppppppppppppppppponly hope of survival. The boat

broke and, they holding an empty keg

could float hopelessly but


pppppppppppppppppbrutally buffeted by restless waves.

I could hear the last screams of those who

went down with the boat and


pppppppppppppppppbecame absences. For an hour we

were floating before Italian patrol boats

rescued us.


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