Marina Blitshteyn

Marina Blitshteyn is the author of 4 chapbooks, including Nothing Personal (Bone Bouquet Books) and $kill$ (dancing girl press). Her first full-length collection, Two Hunters, will be published by Argos Books in 2017. She works as an adjunct instructor of composition and literature.



i’m not

afraid of

you anymore

old man who

killed my sisters

man who locked

a hundred missing

women in a room

and said to watch

the door like god

said look at this

but don’t indulge


i’ve dreamt you

into pixels so

convincing i swore

all men were you

all doors led to

your door where

blood poured out

too dour to rot alone

women need company

with each other when

they’re haunted by

their own mistakes

and yours


i wanted brothers to

come save me from

the men i hoped no

man would be

then i wanted a

mother so sharp

and bold she’d

hunt you down

like you’re the

victim and i

the prize

only a mom

could keep


and still i watch

those doorknobs

wondering who’d

bust through and

why or there are

keys so tucked away

inside us both no

heroine or curious

control could do

i have to have

them all before

i sleep just to make

sure no sudden

noises spell you


just to make sure

your blue blood leaves

me alone i see in

red for you just to

feel safe at night

i treasure the still

but solitary life

without you to

worry about just

to make my mother

comfortable i lie

to myself and say

i never met you

in a past life in

my youth my mouth

gone blue from

holding my breath



disc 3


don’t hide your grief from me, mother

country–everybody needs a dick in

their mouth–he said you suck a mean

dick and i thought that’s the title for

something, anything, everything–

later i’m abandoning your intrigue,

how you hide your face from me,

the face of men, all lined up to kill,

like kill, like killers–i spent my life

avoiding men like you but they make

countries happen, money happen,

worlds go round–

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