Matt Hart

Matt Hart’s most recent books are Radiant Action (H_NGM_N Books, 2016) and Radiant Companion (Monster House Press, 2016). A co-founder and the editor-in-chief of Forklift, Ohio: A Journal of Poetry, Cooking & Light Industrial Safety, he lives in Cincinnati where he is Associate Professor in Creative Writing and the Chair of Liberal Arts at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. He plays guitar and shouts in the bands TRAVEL and THE LOUDEST SOUNDER.




I look through the living room

window and gush      Or

I look through the blotchy

black canopies of trees

I wonder if I have anything

to say about an apple     Or

I worry about the implications

of making decorative patterns

from American privilege

and cynicism       One can always be

cynical, but it’s harder to see the light,

even with the flames of our star

licking the pavement, slicking back

our hair and ears, like a rough-

tongued, nuclear kitten of glare

I choose glare—which I realize

is a privilege     Sometimes at night

when I open a third or fourth beer,

it’s merely a way to dampen

the intensity of too much awful chatter

in the autumn half-empty      Criticality

without description isn’t criticism

it’s whining      I only sort of understand

a bag of leaves when it speaks        How to live

in this world against all the ways I can’t


ppppppppppp(The deer at the mailbox

pppppppppppis not a dream      The dear

pppppppppppon the postcard is no longer me)

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