Miguel Pichardo

Miguel Pichardo is a Dominican/Ecuadorian writer out of Miami. His poetry has appeared in Duende and Literary Orphans. He is currently an MFA candidate at Florida International University and the editor of Fjords Review.

psex  / seks /


  1. either the male or female division of a species. as in, me man you woman make me man more babies more babies make me more man, as in Papi made eight babies with six women, as in his duty to papa dios done he was fruitful he multiplied, as in Mami wasn’t made from some macho’s rib, as in bones break and she don’t; 2. coitus. as in what the Romans called fucking, as in coire meaning go together, as in we don’t have to go together to fuck long as one of us is coming we good we go together like sheath to dagger, as in post-coital embrace, legs coiled skin sticky sheets still damp not a breath between us just sighs whispers, practice discretion when pillow-talking, as in you can’t know me yet; 3. genitalia. as in the locks and keys of creation, as in mine cuuuurves a little to the left how about yours, as in panties caked with discharge can be read like tea leaves, as in men cup their crotches like someone’s out to steal their sex, as in ask any woman if sex can be stolen, as in that word we always pair with pillage; 4. to ascertain the sex of. as in Mami didn’t know I’d be a boy, my back turned to the sonogram, as in the bruja in our building divined I’d be a girl, as in fuck you mean you six eight and don’t play ball what kind of man are you, as in your notions of macho are papier-mâché; 5. sex·y, sex·u·al as in how does a mind speeding down a singular, yet triple-X’ed track ever get anything done?

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