Nick Stanovick

Nick Stanovick is a graduate of Temple University, an alumni of Babel Poetry Collective, and a member of Temple University’s slam team that won the 2016 College Union Poetry Slam Invitational. His poems have been featured on Button Poetry and have appeared in Vinyl, Rising Phoenix Review, Drunk In a Midnight Choir, and SickLit Magazine. He is a lover of freezer pizza, Law & Order SVU, and laughing.



Interlude at an Intersection


barbed wire and the engine sounding

two vultures on the fence and I wonder which is me

which will head to the dead thing to cure its bones of meat

I don’t know if I inherited the gut of a carnivore

but i can’t keep the salad down

I bite into grass and fruit and the hunger stays

I need a death

need it to live

live meaning feel

I need someone’s ribs to pick clean with my grief

a heart drowned in its own blood

a body on the road next to the dry field

emptied of all its breath and thoughts

some vessel to fill with my words

until the veins run black with ink

until the heart coughs into an unsteady rhythm

and I can trick myself into the savior

like this poem wasn’t the car that ran the poor kid over

like i’m not reaping applause while I stand over her dead body

the one whose face I wrote pretty and free of wounds

look at what I did

look at how I can sit down at dinner, already full


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