Nicole Basta

Nicole Basta finished her MFA at the New School in May and is the co-founder of the Brooklyn-based art collective/monthly performance night Say Yes Electric Collective. Her poems have appeared in Juked, Canary, Blunderbuss, The Underground and others. She’s currently an artist in residence at the whimsical, magical Art Farm in Nebraska for the month of October.


moderate failures


today i found out i’ve been spelling intimacy

wrong all these years–

i got it right   there   for the purpose

of showing my work


we all fail sometimes or it feels that way

you’re more at ease with what smells

like failure than i am


but who could understand the self-control

i practice in these walls, in sharing this water

with you              but me


or maybe i’d only forgotten how

the i comes before the m and the a after


look here, watch

ppppppme resist

am i spelling safety correctly?

or is this what failing is?

ppppthis restraint?



like mice bones


in the body of a bird

i pass through

i slip past you, i slip into the past


now forgotten

like the sound of the robin

last wednesday

slamming into the window


just excited by the prospect

of a fight

a little grit to feast on

when everyday

it’s vermin and seed


the silt of reflection

is a confession:


and its shelf-life

aglow in the pane

sometimes thrashing

is the only way

to meet yourself

pppppppppppppout back again


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