Niina Pollari

Niina Pollari’s first book DEAD HORSE came out from Birds, LLC in 2015; she also translated Tytti Heikkinen’s The Warmth of the Taxidermied Animal (Action Books 2012). She is equally from Finland and Florida but lives in Brooklyn. Follow her on Twitter at @heartbarf.


Shot and edited by Michael Stewart




for C.H.

Whenever someone calls their job a calling
I think it’s just because they’re liquid
They’re only paying their own way
And that’s how money
Becomes personal

I’m on the bus
Thinking about this
And when I make a rough sound
A beautiful woman turns and looks at me with great sympathy
And suddenly I feel like I need it

I’m holding a bag of Cheetos bigger than a baby
And I can’t wait to die

For the dust
To settle like Cheeto dust
Into the grooves of my sweater

I have a second face I use for money
Most people only see that one

It’s both scrumptious and OK
To be so filled with anger

But the best thing to be is a beautiful silent virgin throwing up on a stack of cash
That’s the real moneymaker

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