P. Claire Dodson

P. Claire Dodson is a writer from Tennessee living in Brooklyn with her cat, Claire Junior. Her poetry has been published in Sara Benincasa’s The Stories, One Trick Pony Review, and The Phoenix, with nonfiction in The Atlantic, Fast Company, Racked, and others.


the bad place


here is your twitter feed, your news alerts, your endless commentaries and hypotheticals,

smush them into a doughy ball and                           swallow,

big gasping swallows so I know you mean it.


another celebrity is dead and another and another               here is the form letter

of your outrage.

they come for the music with guns and dangerous teeth                              and we are told

it’s too soon to politicize tragedy                                now, they say, is the time for mourning.


they do not tell us how empty it feels to mourn without action, how shallow

the pool is of our grief                                    we carry our own limbs individually

dismembered, we slake only our own thirsts and

wonder why

it seems like

pppppppppppppppppwe do not live                                      very long.

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