Rebecca Brown

Rebecca Brown is an MFA candidate at the University of Alabama, who owns an above average number of sweaters. Recently published in Shabby Dollhouse Review, Pittsburgh Poetry Review, Souvenir Lit Mag, and others. They can usually be found on twitter, @notalake, or on tumblr,


i have always lived by a river


i live by a river now

that is not the same river

as the river i have always lived by


water is water i think


in my dreams i follow this river

walk upstream 700 odd miles

river to river


water to water


my river i think

one water to another water

to something that is mine


i know this is not how it works

i know about watersheds

i know there are places on the map


that water doesn’t touch


maybe i could walk a hundred miles

or more before i find a place

where the river dries up


maybe i already have


at night, i dream one river, one straight line



a poem with no metaphors


here i am in your bed again   stomach all    throat

throat all       door    and closed   and closing


here i am in your bed again   limbs all body

body all     undone   un become


hang me up on the wall by the crucifix

i promise you   this time    i’ll stay


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