Robert Nazarene

ROBERT NAZARENE founded MARGIE Review and IntuiT House Poetry Series which published the winning volume for the National Book Critics Circle award in poetry for 2006. His first volume of poems is CHURCH (2006). His next collection, Empire de la Mort, is new in 2017. His poetry has been published in AGNI, Iowa Review, The Journal of the American Medical Association, The London Magazine, Ploughshares, Plume, Salmagundi and elsewhere.  He was educated at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University. He is founding editor of the online poetry review: The American Journal of Poetry,



Some of The Living Dead


are beautifully coiffed, coutured,

have low body-mass index ratings.


Some are doctor-shoppers,

invite their pharmacists

to all the best parties.


They know only the right people

& precious few who

are simply not our kind.


They do neat tricks

for which they go unpaid—

until later.


Though hated most deeply

by their own—they demonstrate

their love for others on the pages


of Vanity Fair.  They winter there

& summer here, have their sunscreen

numbers down pat.  They adore being


the center of attention, or better still,

the universe.  The universe, scientists say,

is deathly cold & undoubtedly lifeless.


We wish them wellness.

They wish for themselves:

swellness.  It sounds hellish.


Doesn’t it, Darling?

It really does.  Truly.  So horribly

God-awful.  Kiss-kiss.     

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