Saira Viola

Saira Viola Acclaimed poet, fiction novelist song lyricist and creator of sonic scatterscript. The legendary Benjamin Zephaniah praised her ‘beautiful twisted imagination’ ‘Polymathic genius,’ and counterculture hero:  Heathcote Williams : “The language is so powerfully hypnotic and occasionally so explosive you feel you need to pause to apply burn cream ….”   Fiction:  (Jukebox-  Fahrenheit Press). Poetry: UB books: (Flowers of War ) (Don’t Shoot The Messenger ) (Mini Rebel Book of Poems )  (Fast Food and Gin on The Lawn)


The Asylum


Leathery  faced  old hunchback

Toothpick skinny

Squats on the calloused heel of the city

Drawing scrawling childish scribble

crayola squares of waxed suicide rants

and cucumber coloured  matchstick heads

Passers by side step

his open urinal

Dark moist patches grease  tattered


Turned up noses hide

behind  cupped  cold -shouldered laughter

His goldfish eyes

swim in circles

all day- all night

like floating clouds of orange flecked with brown

A limp wrist and clawed hand –

early paralysis

from months of slumming the naked metropolis

Less respect -less interest than Sebastian

super – star chimp  at  the  local  zoo

He drags his wormy gonads from one slab of pavement to another

Finger nails blackened with city crud

his bloodied thumb

flattens damp scraps of paper

and red saliva stains his mouth

A ‘respectable,’ New York Times reader

points an accusatory judgmental finger

when he trembles like a hairy stalk

Pick pick picking a  week old calf  sore

Jousts and jives at noisy abdominal confetti

Stabbing his chest with a sharpie

Head lolls to one side

eyes bigger than America

Out of his half starved wheezing belly

the screwballs of the Asylum  crawl .

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