Sergio Sarano

Sergio Sarano’s poems in several anthologies in Mexico. He received his MFA from Columbia University. He grew up in Mexico. His first play,Maximiliano Segundo, is set to be performed in Mexico City in 2017.




Spectral Etiquette for All Ages


There is a long line outside a jacal at the outskirts of a city

pretty close to the tropic of cancer


The more you distance yourself from the heart

of the city the bleaker it gets


This is the latitude where blood takes a little longer to clot

cancer and pestilencia bloom

young birds and small fish are heavy with worm

suns bleed for forty days ocho nights


You are at least six miles away from the nearest

coffee shop and phone reception is


People arrive to this place a song and come back a shriek

beware pppppcuidado pppppvarning

the lives of the articulate are too precious to waste according to some


Sophisticated sofware ofentimes

fails to map out the dirty elbows of the earth

Mainero Padilla Villagran Miquihuana


Dear warming earth Ay mi planeta calientito

they pang you in places impossible to reach


People arrive to this song a hope and come back a grito


Pavement and drainage and economic development theory

become increasingly rare

so you start to miss the meadow of the mind

your air-conditioned wi-fied comfy cloud


Neighbors have to go into the desert

and chop chop chop down wood

from the tree of death

just to avoid freezing to death during winter


The tree of death is everlasting cinder

our tree of death is unforgiving finger


Dear warming earth Ay mi planeta maldito

ppppppcome sit under the shadow of our three

ppppppppppppit is quiet and green and cool


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