Teresa De La Cruz

Teresa De La Cruz earned her BA and MA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. Her work has been published by Cactus Heart Press and Yellow Chair Review. A collection of her work is housed within the US Library of Congress Rare Book vault. She loves the San Jose Sharks, Bon Iver, Iceland, and wine.





When I read of rape

I think of the safety of our love making.

How we can be bare and redolent

atop a well made bed and

unabashed with the windows open.


When I login

to the face of a hostage humanitarian

I think of how the price of my eggs    [$30K+

for a healthy, responsible, non smoker, age 20-32]

is indicative of the freedom of chickens


And how the freedumb of our pleasures

do not hinder the hate

but ensure the survival and captivity of

any fine pulsing drum.


So, I envision your lustrous eyes

to forget the garish faces

because I am neither hungry

nor the


ppppppppppbody of victim found.



The Resplendence


We sing an anthem

beneath incessant downpour.


Sounding like both thunder and hymn,

breaking like bodies and hearts do.


We are misunderstood

trying to establish climate

not time,


for we are

just as vast and resplendent


So aware of what lies deep

beyond the plate


gilding your guilty mantle.

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