Chris McCreary

Chris McCreary’s most recent book of poetry is [ neüro / mäntic ], published by Furniture Press. He is a high school English teacher and lives in S. Philly with his wife, the poet Jenn McCreary, their two sons, and Frida the cat.







Either you are killing Lorca or

you are among the Goat Patronuses gnawing

on a bloviating thane. It was an honor

just to be riven then

blotted in the margarine,

outfoxed by badgers’ hardy

hars when they onus on my

coma toast.





Valhalla, I am flying

false flag over the wheelhouse

of our

vitae : it’s got lamb


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx& sriracha, portabella w/ a side of forty-four core

XXXXXXXXXXXxidentifiers for polycotton firing squads bored from flensing
XXXXXXXXXXXxdefenestrants’ blubber.

Lorca stands before


their charging voivod while I manatee in my

enmity beneath the endless breakfast buffet.

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