Elizabeth Scanlon

Elizabeth Scanlon is the Editor of The American Poetry Review. Her poems have appeared in many magazines, including The Boston Review, Ploughshares, bedfellows, Blackbird,and Crazyhorse. Her chapbook Odd Regard was published by Ixnay Press in 2013; her newest chap, The Brain Is Not the United States (The Brain Is the Ocean) was published by The Head and The Hand Press in March. She also organizes the 215 Literary Festival with her husband, Joey Sweeney. 


Where Was I


Master your time, be ultraproductive, the subject line said.

Dear reader, I didn’t read it.

I don’t want to master time,

I want time to get the hell away from me.

I want to shake it like a bad rap,

I want lose it down an alley so it breaks a kneecap

trying to catch me. I want more free time

or no, I want time to do its own thing,

but that makes time really suspicious

and now I’ve got to account for where I was last night

when I wasn’t paying attention to time at all.

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