As I stand outside at its peak
Its like the world shifts underneath my feet..
You see the change in the skies
as clouds shift from white.. the fading sunlight..
So dark yet.. so emotionless.
Standing in the wind
The thunder rumbling, sky rolling
so destructive yet peaceful at the same.
As I close my eyes..
visions of summer rain cross my mind.
The first drops fall..
you remember sweet memories of innocence
your childish youth..
Days playing in the rain, summers in the sprinkler.
CRASH the first lightning strike..
Memories of your first tear, your first real pain..
Listening to the soft rhythm of the raindrops fall
Reminds me of a soft lullaby.. whispering you to sleep
Calming.. kissing your cheeks
That sweet summer rain.
Sometimes you just want it to rain..
To wash away you pains
Rain.. rain.. let it rain.
Weeks of sweat, all worthy of that summer rain
It refreshes.. renews.. revitalizes..
Washes away.
Just as quickly as it comes, it fades away
Night back to day..
Like the opening of heavens gates
As you feel the first rays..
your skin glowing in the sunlight.
As it penetrates the once dark clouds,
Bringing back the light.
As it wakes you up again..
that sweet summer rain.

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