Paige Taggart

Paige Taggart is a poet & jeweler ( & the author of two full-length collections, Or Replica  and Want for Lion and 5 chapbooks, including: I am Writing To You From Another Country; Translations of Henri Michaux. 


secret alumni of the decoration

committee take your tops off



I had so many nightmares

and woke in a funk

since then

lived in a daze

I’ve travelled down

normal paths and

felt saddened

I’ve travelled down rural paths

and felt hardened

I’ve witnessed downright

ugliness in behavior

the proxy to really not feel

sometimes you can’t unfeel

the damage

you can utter depravity

under your breath

or be ruled by feels

fuels and fields

high farmwall

doze off carpet bombardment

rule my pms like a sterile

mark of dignitas

lasso queen be my deep seeded feline

outside the entrepreneurial

spirit awaits you

slashing real ministries

with goat weed

i don’t believe that to pretend like a

martyr is to meet

things on an even level even when mischief

provokes and slides off your calf

and comes equipped with a bank account

slashing tires

spending someone else’s $

the breech a stroke

(two can play at this game)

I’ve mastered lists

been a ceremonial mountain climber

the tube cleaner

the lewd critic

of settling for nothing

on bended knees

you lend fans

lights cave in

we are all the band

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