Trinity Tibe

Trinity Tibe is a Brooklyn-based poet and the winner of Crosswinds Poetry Journal’s Annual Contest. She is a co-founder of Say Yes Electric Collective and has work published in (IP), Potluck, and Bodega.  Trinity has an MFA from The New School.  Check out her visual poetry on Instagram @trinitytibe.



Short-Term Goals: His Tongue in My Mouth by the End of the World


Everything feels urgent this election season.

Ice melts faster

and I rush to swallow my gin

before it goes watery.    Juniper, Jupiter,

the eroticized moon, glue

failing the diorama.


Nuclear ruins and all the wrong

assassinations loom just outside

my phone screen as I check

for a text. Fox News,

apocalypse soon,

and me ppp— preoccupied with a rake

pppppppppppof blonde hair, the graze

pppppppppppof his wrist,


pppppppppppby a gravity of lip.


I’m a dumb rock unsure

of how much resistance will knock this blushing

orbit to full-on collision,

pppppbut the three-day-play-it-cool custom

pppppcan go fuck itself.


pppppIf end is imminent

pppppreputation is antiquated.  How quaint to think

pppppmy reckless want is of any consequence


My wide-spread

fingers ppppppppppppppppsieves of entropy


ppppppppppppppmotes of sense pass through my grasp


What catches is the anchor of his jaw

a denser body


The hard bright finale pppppppppis coming.



A Stranger Has Her Way


When she lifted me off the ground

my pulse dropped like low bass, becoming,

I became free-running pleasure.

Even as she held me I was wild

and delight in the West Village, an animal

more than roaming, an animal

splitting the streets in half

and in half again and in half

until nobody could fold a dollar

without shuddering at the ecstasy

of the crease.  I can’t help mentioning

her bent knees, my body’s bounce

eliciting laughter like Oh, coming, impossible

to stop and why would you?  My ass

a handle, her arm swanning into the space

between my split legs.  Perfect, Stranger.

A lick of the neck like dark chute, missed

words in the ear, not all animals

respond to commands.


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