Ana Božičević

Ana Božičević was born in Croatia and then she came to NYC. She’s the author of Stars of the Night Commute and Rise in the Fall, winner of the Lambda Literary Award. Her Joy of Missing Out is forthcoming with Birds, LLC. She works and teaches poetry at BHQFU. She also sings.


A Tragic Gentleman


Sweet death
To whom
Into whom I always
Will you ease my dolor
Or be
Just another dusty bus
To wherever

I don’t mind feeling
So alone
With the other passengers
As long as they feel that
Way too
As long as the longing
Is mutual

I can’t imagine
What will save me now
A word or star a face
That could make
The trees
Grow full of juice

But I swear if you come
Be you look
Or feel or tune I will
Let you into
This place
And show you

The rest of my music




When I die
Who will try to figure out
The last thing that
I Liked
The last song I played
Who cares
I will go on like
The jewel from the Titanic
In deepest darkest depths
Till something grows
Out of me
And I become coral
Inhabited by millions
Of song




Life is lol
Love is lol
Pain is lol
The wind is lol
Cats are lol
Dreams are lol
You are awake
When all is lol

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