Vincent Cooper

Vincent Cooper is Xicano poet living in the westside of San Antonio, TX. His chapbook, Where the Reckless Ones Come to Die, was published by Aztlan Libre Press 2014. His poem, ‘The Dream is Over” will appear in Huizache 6 in the fall of 2016. The poem “Some Other Time Then” appeared in La Bloga 2016. Both poems are from Cooper’s work in progress manuscript, Zarzamora.



Do Not Resuscitate


She died last night from an overdose; here in San Antonio.

ppppppBrother said, his voice was firm.

We’ve had this conversation too many times.

I closed my eyes

And saw


Monica running in chanclas.

Cousins playing tag at the ranch

A memory of us laughing

Under a cloudless sky.

Her hair up in two chongos,

Her dress light blue,

ppppppMy hand reaching out to touch her.


Today, grandma says she’s so tired

She wants to die;

pppppTramadol pill bottle emptied.


Written on paperwork at the senior community living

Apartments. She has seen almost all her sons die.

ppppppErnest: died in her arms as a toddler.

ppppppTony: her favorite.

ppppppJody: her least –

ppppppMike: the most important.

ppppppDanny: the most handsome.

ppppppJefe: a husband over fifty years.

And now her grandchildren are dying

All the relatives that mattered to her are dead.

My children crawl all over her

pppppLiving room, smiling

Chasing each other to the bedroom,

Then back to grandma’s slippers.

She sings songs in Spanish,

Claps her hands,

Kisses them, smiles back at them…


And when we go back home

She still wants to die.


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