New Books of Poetry: Everybody’s Automat by Mark Gurarie

Originally of Cleveland, Ohio, Mark Gurarie currently splits time between Brooklyn, NY and Northampton, MA. Everybody’s Automat (The Operating System, 2016) is his first book, and his poems and prose have appeared in Pelt, Paper Darts, Sink Review, Everyday Genius, The Rumpus, The Literary Review, Coldfront, Publishers Weekly, Lyre Lyre and elsewhere. In 2012, the New School published Pop :: Song, the 2011 winner of its Poetry Chapbook Competition. Alongside Alex Crowley, he founded and is curator-at-large for the Mental Marginalia Reading Series in New York. Gurarie lends bass guitar and occasional vocals to psych-punk band, Galapagos Now! and works as an adjunct instructor, book reviewer and a free-lance writer. TO PURCHASE

Verse (0:30)


Western values mean nothing to her.

The Earth spins angry seven inches


veers away from the axis the tiny instruments

are breaking. Insert flaming oil barrels, smoke

breaks, the architecture that isn’t falling apart

so much as in slow attrition. Perfect, now


moldy fences and a leather jacket,

empty spray-cans for the implied

what have you. There are not enough

songs about empire. Every song is


about Empire and your dad

who put the blues in ripped off

flannel layers and gave Jimmy Buffet

a film career. About the people that invented


the ‘70s that got fat in the ‘80s that got

weird in the ‘90s, while worrying about

being too topical. Everybody is going

to leave at the exact same crime of


self-defense. Insert mirror ball, rapture,

prescription pills, while you are eating.

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